WELCOME TO BRILLIANT BIOACTIVES"Uniquely Tailored, Brilliantly Bioactive"

Australian Bush and Farm Functional Foods and Ingredients

The Australian Outback has a rich heritage of aboriginal people, knowledge and traditional bush foods and bush fruits.
Medical and Nutritional Science has identified health and wellbeing properties for specific plants, seeds and fruits.
It is our Vision to work with indigenous communities and Australian farm products to develop and market a continuously evolving range of super foods and highly functional food ingredients that are uniquely tailored and deliver proven wellbeing benefits.
We do this in relational partnerships with indigenous communities, adding economic and sustainable value to the Australian bush.
Health and Wellbeing, via Bioactive Nutrition Boosters and Ingredients.
A range of uniquely tailored combinations of organic Australian bush foods and farm products, containing plant-based proteins, good oils, dietary fibre and anti-oxidants.
Produce from the Australian Outback and from Australian Regional Farms, freshly harvested and stored to maintain bioactivity.
Contributing to overall nutrition by boosting plant-based protein intake, tissue repair, heart health, digestive health and immune system strengthening. Based on scientific and medical knowledge.
Add directly to Shakes, Cereals, and home cooked Bakes.
Should you have a specific need, please contact us, for an initial discussion.


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